Soonaverse with TanglePay Mobile

Attention: NEVER give anyone your private key or your 12/24 words recovery phrase. No one will ever ask you for this informations.

First open your tanglepay wallet on your mobile phone and click on your wallet.

Then click on the ADD Wallet button on the bottom of the app.

After you choose new wallet, click on EVM (Shimmer/BSC/Matic).

In the next step you have to choose.


If you used soonaverse through MetaMask before and you decide to switch with your account to tanglepay or would like to use it parallel, please follow the red arrow. 

If you didn't use soonaverse right now, but you will start to use it, follow the white arrow. There you can create your new EVM Wallet. In tanglepay you have not to set any things about the EVM manually like in MetaMask. It is set up for you by tanglepay. 

Red Arrow (You already used MetaMask for Soonaverse)

If you choose the point recovery phrase, you have now to fill your 12/24 words there how it is described, give your wallet a name like "Shimmer EVM" and give a Password for it.

Remember that Password well. You will need it to connect TanglePay with Soonaverse.

Than accept the Terms and conditions and click on "import wallet"

White Arrow  (New Wallet - New Soonaverse user)

If you create a new Wallet, choose a name for the Wallet like "shimmer EVM" and choose a Password. Please remember your password well. You will need it to connect your TanglePay wallet with Soonaverse later. 

Than accept the terms and conditions and click "create Wallet". 

After that the last but most important step is coming. You will get a notice about the recovery phrase. Click "next". After that you will get your personal recovery phrase. Please keep this one save. 
If you lost that phrase, you can not recover your Wallet and everything (Tokens/NFTs) are lost forever. 
Also take a look at the notice on the beginning of that tutorial and never give that words to anyone. 

After you wrote down your words, you can let TanglePay check if everything is noted correctly. 
Than you are done. 

Let's connect to within TanglePay. 

Connect TanglePay with

Make sure you have selected the EVM wallet. You can check/select it by clicking on your used wallet again.

Now you have to select Dapps on the bottom of the app. In the following selection choose Soonaverse

Now click on the sandwitch menu in the right upper corner. 

In the upcoming menu click on

"connect with Tanglepay"

Now it's time to use your password you choose in the steps above on creating/recover your wallet within Tanglepay. 

And now... Congratulations. 
You are (back) on directly within the Tanglepay Wallet. 

Have fun