Bivreost - The Telegram Wallet

The first public release of the Bivreost Telegram wallet is done. With Version 1.0.0 you will find a really easy to set up and use IOTA and Shimmer Wallet. You can send $IOTA and/or $SMR directly to people in your telegram contactbook. 
How? See next... 

First you have to install Telegram and set it up, if didn't use it before. It's to set up like every other messenger app. So I don't make a deep dive here. 🫣


Than lets start to set up the Bivreost Wallet directly within the Telegram messanger. 

Add @bivreost_bot to your contacts or scan the following QR Code to invite the Bot. 

After this is done correctly a Chat window will open.

Click now on the start button on the bottom of the chat. And it will type /start automatically in the chat window. This is the start command for the Bot to open the Wallet directly within telegram. 

Now you can watch a little nice intro video and scroll to the bottom of the chat window again. There you have to click on the Wallet button. 

Now you have to choose what you would like to do:

1. Create Wallet = New Wallet 

2. Log In = Log in to your existing wallet

3. Restore Wallet = After you changed your device or anything like that you can here restore your before created and used Wallet. 

In this Tutorial we want to open a new wallet. So you have to click on "Create Wallet". 

Now. Let's GO. 

A little information appears, that your Wallet linked successfully. 
That means that everything runs correctly and the upcoming Wallet is linked to your Profile. 

Click "Forward" to continue the set up. 

Now you have to choose a secure and strong Password. This will be needed to enter sour Wallet in the future.

Bivreost will help you if is to week with a hint. Repeat your Password and click Forward.  

After you set your password, the last but most important step is coming. You will see 24 word Passphrase. This 24 Words will create your seed. That means if you loose, don't remember this one in the future or give it to anyone you loose all your crypto money which is saved on this one. 
Write it down and store it safely on a place where no one can get/stole it.


After you have wrote it down, confirm it through the checkbox and click "Foreward" 

Please aware: Everyone who know this words can stole/interact with your crypto token!!!

Here you can see how important the 24 words aka your passphrase from the step before are. You need them here again. Write your 24 words down again how it is described and confirm by clicking the "Forward" button. 

If everything is correct filled, you are done. In the next step you are in your Wallet and can play around with it. Send funds to your friends and make the next PIZZA geat again. 

Security tips:


  1. Again: Like in Firefly or TanglePay, give never out your Passphrase or seed to anyone. Also no one will ever ask you about this informations. For no reason anyone need your SEED/Passphrase. 

  2. A little thing: The Bivreost team is very legit and the wallet seems really secure, but never forget you are directly in Telegram were many bots and scammers are on their way. Take the wallet like your little money bag to pay a friends pizza or something else. 
    I would not recommend to use it as Main Wallet for big funds. This is my personal opinion, because for me big funds have to be stored on a cold wallet like Ledger Nano. ✌🏻