Let the Games beginn.



Regular Deck

Sale starts on Saturday 21.05.2022

only on Soonaverse.

The regular Deck contains 100 different IOTA based card designs. There are one card which you can only get through participate and get the Award42. The cards will sold differently rough... So you don't know which card you will get next. Every card of the 100 regular deck cards exist 364x and everyone is limited by it self in its meta data.

So feel free to buy, sell, trade to get them all. 👌🏻

Promotion Card


For Promotion only a little surprise sale starts at 05.04.2022 at 18:00 CET on Soonaverse.com. The Promotion Cards are limited to 91 pieces, but are not piece of the regular Card Game Decks. It´s for Promotion Only. One Card costs only 1 Mi, only possible through the fee-less IOTA Network. That´s pretty cool. Isn´t it? 


Sale starts on 05.04.2022 - 18:00 CET - 1 Mi/NFT


Check this out and get your Card here: PROMOTION CARD COLLECTION on Soonaverse direct link

Floodgate Sale

Complete new Floodgate series 

Launch 13.05.2022 - 20:00 CET  (SOLD OUT)

The Floodgate sale is a homage to the IOTA Community. Every member of the community know what open Floodgates means. In this sale you can get your hands on my classic Floodgate Picture which I created to the start of the Chrysalis Network. This Artwork is limited to 42 different crazy color variations incl. the original one. The series is limited to 42 Floodgates and every Floodgate get it´s limitation number in the Meta Data. 

But Floodgates are Floodgates and when they will be open there is nothing more to stop it. I will open the Floodgates and reward every owner with a Special Edition Community Card (SE042) for free. This card will never be sold separately and is only available through contests, the Floodgate sale or with much luck (more soon). 

This makes it much easier to get one of the 5 Hardcore Collectors Cards, because this SE42 Card is needed to get one.



Card 42 Give Away

Sale is live. Get your card 42 for free if you have the Award 42. 

On Sunday 10.04.2022 starts the biggest giveaway action on Soonaverse.com. Every Award 42 holder can get its Community Card 042/100 for free. Please aware, that you have to pay 1Mi for dust protection to get it. You can get the 1Mi refunded or you can spent it for a good cause if you like. Please read the instructions in the collection it self to get your refund if you want.

I decided this way, because many people wrote me after my soonaverse proposal, that they would donate anyway. IOTApunks and IOTA Trading Cards will round up to a reasonable amount and will spent it to an institution or another good cause. Maybe there will be another vote.


Give Away starts only for Award 42 holders on 10.04.2022 - 18:00 CET - Free (1Mi/NFT Dust Protection voluntary donation)