Partners & More


Here you will find some links to the official websites of my alliance Partners on Soonaverse. The IOTA community grows strong… TOGETHER!!!


Click on the Pic to get to their Homepages. After you leaving my website the website owner of the linked website is responsible for handling your data and thats secureness.




In my mind IOTAPUNKS are CryptoPunks 2.0. Visit their incredible awesome NFT Project.


IOTAPUNKS is a part of my alliance with a voting ratio 1:1!


Together is Stronger... And Soon is NOW.

IOTA Talk Forum


Ein wunderbarer Platz für Deutsch und Englischsprachige um sich über IOTA auszutauschen und keine News zu verpassen. Nicht nur Crypto Twitter ist super! 

IOTA Fireflies


The next collaboration. With IOTA FIREFLIES you will get an awesome NFT collection round about the IOTA FIREFLIES. The sweet guys in the Firefly Wallet. 🚀