The main project consists of an incredible 100 different NFT cards in an absolutely stunning mixed art styling. All deal with the topic IOTA.

It will be an enchanting mix of technical cards, IF Member and IOTA project cards. Each of the cards is numbered to make it easy to see whether you have already collected them all or not.

Also, each card has HODL and SELL points listed... The one with the higher value wins if someone decides to play their cards. In any case, then funny for the strictly limited physical release, which also becomes the right deck.



During the project grows, there will be different sweepstakes for the IOTA Community to give ten lucky people the chance to get their own unique Trading Card. This cards will be strongly limited and for sure the winner get his card as a NFT for free after release such as his card as jpeg after it is ready designed. 

They also will be unbeatable in the card game it self, to represent how strong a community can be. 



The third part is an NFT only card and will be called the special edition cards. There will be 20 different cards produced with unique effects. Feel the power of some cards more than even before. Water, smoke, fire are only a few things what you will be feel after you own some of this cards.

They will be very very rare and extremely limited. Some of these are will be given away through sweepstakes only. 



*preview - Release can have another look


There is also a limited edition of a physical TCG planed. This set will include the 100 main cards, the 10 community cards, a game manual packed in a high quality steelcase. 

This set will be limited between 250-500 pieces. For this release more informations will follow after clearing some details and a good supplier was found.