Rarity level

After minting the IOTA Trading Cards Collection to the shimmer network all the unsold cards will be burned.

That is how you, the community decided. 

This means that the game was changed again through the power of the community voting. That also means that there will be different rarity levels via Card. Here you can see a little preview for the first cards with the rarity of today (not final yet, because the collection is still for sale)

Regular Card Deck

Name Number of Card Pieces available after minting on shimmer
Shimmer Bot 001/100 29x
Firefly 002/100 29x
Hornet 003/100 34x
IOTA Wiki 004/100 32x
NFT 005/100 37x
Staking VS Airdrop 006/100 30x
Crypto Trilemma 007/100 31x
3D - Tangle 008/100 31x
IOTA Token 009/100 33x
Hans Moog 010/100 31x
Mana 011/100 27x
Total Supply 012/100 38x
MEME 013/100 24x
Trinity Mobile 014/100 24x
Coordinator 015/100 20x
Digital Identity 016/100 25x
Backbone of IoT 017/100 28x
Digital Twin 018/100 34x
Airdrop 019/100 38x
HODL 020/100 32x
Diamond Hands 021/100 33x
Pollen Network 022/100 33x
WASP 023/100 36x
Soon 024/100 32x
Bee 025/100 35x
Tangle Art 026/100 25x
Interoperability 027/100 27x
Moon Boy 028/100 35x
Pylon 029/100 26x
Access 030/100 39x
DOMinator 031/100 31x
Swarm 032/100 36x
Oracles 033/100 33x
Soonaverse 034/100 33x
Coordicide 035/100 37x
Assembly 036/100 32x
Shimmer 037/100 19x
ShimmerSea 038/100 31x
EDAG Citybot 039/100 25x
Smart Contracts 040/100 24x
EVM Support 041/100 25x
IOTA Community 042/100 146x
Chrysalis 043/100 29x
ShimmerINU 044/100 29x
Lightweight 045/100 32x
Wrapped Token 046/100 23x
Selv 047/100 38x
IOTA Stronghold 048/100 45x
Nectar 049/100 35x
IOTA Gaming 050/100 29x
Coordicide Phase 1 051/100 28x
IOTAPUNKS 052/100 31x
Tangle Cat 053/100 28x
Tangle Labs 054/100 36x
Smart Cities 055/100 26x
Metaverse 056/100 33x
IOTA Stammtisch 057/100 36x
(Curl) P 058/100 33x
Green Crypto 059/100 25x
Blockchain vs DAG 060/100 30x
IOTA Talk 061/100 43x
IOTA Fireflies 062/100 35x
IOTA Weekly 063/100 24x
Drama Card 064/100 30x
Lightwallet 065/100 28x
Three Networks 066/100 34x
DeFi 067/100 34x
Buidl 068/100 32x
IoT 069/100 26x
Holger Köther 070/100 30x
Mat Yarger 071/100 36x
Prof. Serguei Popov 072/100 26x
Regine Haschka 073/100 36x
MoonMoros 074/100 27x
Antonio Nardella 075/100 33x
Eric Hop 076/100 36x
A.I. 077/100 23x
Tangle Swap 078/100 24x
IOTABunnies 079/100 32x
Dominik Schiener 080/100 28x
The Fans Totehter (TFT) 081/100 31x
im.City/Stage 082/100 25x
Connected World 083/100 27x
Supply Chain 084/100 28x
IOTA Morons 085/100 36x
Dan Simerman 086/100 25x
Dr. Michele Nati 087/100 33x
Dr. N. Ramachandran 088/100 32x
Society2 089/100 29x
Token Migration 090/100 29x
IOTA Foundation 091/100 27x
Energy saving 092/100 30x
Crypto Trading 093/100 34x
Bulls vs Bears 094/100 33x
Hardware Wallet 095/100 31x
Trinity Hack 096/100 38x
Seed Generator 097/100 36x
TangleSea 098/100 27x
EBSI 099/100 28x
Floodgates 100/100 39x

Community Hero Deck

Name Number of Card Available after minting on shimmer
Izaya 01/10 20x
TANGLED Zeuseidon 02/10 28x
iotianer 03/10 32x
Herkuza 04/10 22x
Uca 05/10 23x
See3PeeOh 06/10 24x
TheFEntity 07/10 28x
Ziegenpeter 08/10 24x
Garadornor 09/10 29x
CryptOOOOO 10/10 23x

Special Edition Deck

Name Number of Card Available after minting on shimmer
MoonBoy SE SE 01/20 8x
Time to Buidl (Build SE) SE 02/20 16x
Power of Interoperability (Interoperability SE) SE 03/20 13x
Soon a MoonMoron (MoonMoron SE) SE 04/20 9x
Rainy Pylon Mission (Pylon SE) SE 05/20 10x
Living change BC vs DAG (Blockchain vs DAG SE) SE 06/20 17x
Funky Stammtisch (Stammtisch SE) SE 07/20 8x
Fresh Coord(du)icide (Coordicide Phase 1 SE) SE 08/20 13x
Glory Stronghold (Stronghold SE) SE 09/20 13x
Coordicide Party (Coordicide SE) SE 10/20 11x
Glory Pollen (Pollen Network SE) SE 11/20 14x
Alien Lightweight (Lightweight SE) SE12/20 12x
Green Trading RAIN (Crypto Trading SE) SE 13/20 14x
Strormy Shimmer (Shimmer SE) SE 14/20 12x
Lovely Firefly (Firefly SE) SE 15/20 13x
Meta Matrix Diamond Hands (Diamond Hands SE) SE 16/20 13x
Growing Trilemma (Crypto Trilemma SE) SE 17/20 12x
Power of Three (Three Networks SE) SE 18/20 13x
DOMinator is back (Dominator SE) SE 19/20 8x
SE CH Card 42 (Airdrop) SE 20/20 65x