How to play?


The game can best be played with 2-8 players. It's a single man game. That means everyone play for it's own luck. 

1. The game will be played with all 110 cards. That means that 11 Star Cards are in the game. 

2. For the first match it means who mixed and give out the cards, will begin the game. For every following round the winner of the match before is given out the cards and start the new round. 

3. After you found the beginner, every player will get 6 various cards. The cards which not are given out are in the middle of the table with the face side to the bottom. 


4. Now the game starts. The beginner let the table know if he want to see HODL or SELL. After that every player put one of it's cards on the table with the face down. If every player is done with this step, the players can turn the card and show their values. 

5. The highest value of the choosen worth (HODL or SELL) wins and will get all the cards. 

6. Will there be a match with 2 or more same values the cards  remain on the table and the people with the same worth have to play a extra round. The winner of this round will get all cards. The leader of this draw is the same as of the round before which ended up in this situation, even if the player is not directly plays along the round. 

7. Any player can always take a new card from the deck in the middle of the table when it is their turn and they think their cards won't win the round. However, only one new card can be drawn per round. 

8. A starcard is allways the highest level and wins the round, except a second player put off a starcard too. Then there is the same step as on point 6.  

9. A Round ends after all cards are gone. The winner of the round is, who have the most cards collected during the game. 

10. Attention: Every player have to HODL min one card. As soon As the player through away all its cards, he can not draw a new card. He have to leave the game and can not further collect cards to win this round. So be careful. 💥


Have fun to play HODL or SELL 🍻