Welcome to the second game variant, which is called BUIDL. It is completely different from HODL or SELL. You want to know how to play? Take a read...

The Game is playable best with 2-4 players. 
Quick Game Info: If you BUIDL a HODL you have to go with the HODL numbers upwards. If you are BUIDL a SELL, you have to go with the SELL numbers downwards. 

1. One Player is the lead and begins to mix the cards. After that every player will get 5 cards by the mixer and one card will be shown with the front on the table. All the other cards will be towered with the backside up in the middle of the table too. 

2. The player which mixed the cards begins the round 1. He have to choose the direction of BUIDL. He can choose BUIDL "HODL" or "SELL". After he choosen the direction, he can discard the first card. 

3. Per example he choose BUIDL HODL. The first card on the table have the HODL worth 2000. So the player can put any card down with a HODL worth bigger than 2000. The goal of the round is, that you Buidl a row as big as possible an be the last one who can put a card down. The last one who van put a card down, will win all the cards and be lead the next round. 

4. If you didn't have a card which is high (or low) enough to lying one down, each player can draw one new card from the card tower per round. 

5. The player which earned the most cards wons the game and is the leader of the next party