The idea to create NFT IOTA TRADING CARDS grows in the middle of 2021. There I presented every sunday a new possible use case for the IOTA protocol. With my use case no.24, I showed the world the possibility of a digital TCG (Trading Card Game) based on the NFT (non fungible token). Combined with the whole and gigantic grown IOTA eco system the idea of cards based on IOTA was born.
After 36 presented possible IOTA use cases on Twitter, the "IOTA usecase sunday series" was finished. After that, I started directly in the beginning of 2022 with my IOTA Trading Cards project.




The slogan of the IOTA Trading Card Game is "Veni Vidi Vici". Nothing fits better in my mind. This slogan fits perfect for both IOTA and a card game.

IOTA is coming to stay and will change the whole world and many processes how we know them today. With Coordicide it will start the real start for the digital timeline and the whole IoT/IIOT and the IoE. With its DLT technology it will be secure, Scalable, decentraliced and fee less on top. So "Veni Vidi Vici" fits perfect. 

In a card game every player would like to be the winner, get the best cards to defeat his competition. So the best player will be the last man standing on the table. Yes...

I came... I saw... I conquered!

-Veni Vidi Vici-




The following is currently planned. Please aware, that this is a early project status and things can be changed during the project. Stay tuned and follow this website for more informations about the project status and what is coming.

I plan to release the IOTA Trading Cards as NFTs on the Shimmer Network. At this point I will release the cards on Pylon (IOTA NFT Marketplace).

A strong limited physical trading/gaming set, wich include all cards incl. community bonus cards, a game instruction, all packed in a nice collectors box is also planed at this point. &


If you would like to do more than only wait for the release of this beautiful IOTA Trading Cards, join my space on for some community votings. The votes of the community there, have directly impact of the project. 

From the community... With the community... For the community... #IOTAstrong 

For more news about the project or about the whole IOTA eco system follow me on Twitter. If you have any questions... Don't be shy and contact me there.