Hello and welcome to the Home of the Tangle Collectibles


Hello everyone.


After some stressful months I will keep you up to date about the project, what was archieved and what's coming next. 

First of all a really really heartful THANK YOU to the whole community to help me for proving some things. Who remembered the reason, why I created the IOTA Trading Cards, will know what I mean. 

First what happend and why I could prove something:

I created the IOTA Trading Cards to prove such difference to use NFTs within the IOTA ecosystem versus all the other Networks. 

1. NFTs to play for everyone:

Cheap NFTs so everyone could participate the Experiment. ✅

2. Quick and easy to use NFT Marketplace:

To help the Soonaverse Marketplace I decided to release the cards there. It was more than a stress test for the Marketplace to the launch. I uoaded nearly 40k NFTs. Also it was possible to collect all cards directly wirhin the marketplace, without any external dApp usage. ✅


3. Fee-Less transactions:

Such simple use-case is only possible if the NFT is not cheaper then the transaction fee. This is really only possible on a fee-less ecosystem like IOTA or SHIMMER (Testnet of IOTA). In the sale week a card costs only a few cents. Thats really huge. With more than 16000 transactions and round about 12000 trades without paying 0,01$/€/£/¥ is really really impressive. 
I think that shows the possibilities best, which will be possible with such a great protocol. ✅

4. The experiment is done:

All the not sold NFTs are burned and the sold ones are minted on shimmer now. ✅

Rarity Chart is available here:


What's NEXT?

Because many community members ask me about some things here the most asked questions answered:


1. Will we get the physical card game which is based on the IOTA Trading Cards?

Yes. It will named HODL or SELL. For now I prepare the game instuctions. Because there will be 4 variants to play the game on start. 

2. WEN will we be able to order the game and where?

For now I only can say that I plan to release it in the Q3/23. But because I am a one man show and this is only a hobby for now, I can't promise anything. 

3. Will the NFTs from the IOTA Trading Cards Project have any value in the future?

If you mean value in money, than only the market can show us. If you mean value in the further steps for what I plan, I can say: Definitely. I have different ideas how I can use the NFTs in the future. That means things like rabat on future collections, special NFTs for IOTA Trading Cards HODLER, right of first refusal of the physical card game or some future expansion packs and so on.

An airdrop for an independent token would also be conceivable in the future, with which collectibles can then be bought in the real world.

Be exited what comes. 


4. Why the new name Tangle Collectibles now?

Because IOTA Trading Cards it self was a project for me which was done with minting the sold cards and burning the unsold ones on 31.12.2022. 
It is now part of Tangle Collectibles and will show us some improvements how described in question 3. 

Because there are several Card projects live now, I want to do other crazy things, to show whats possible with a fee-less L1 Chain to collect NFTs and maybe associate some of them with parts of the real world such as stickers ore other things. Stay tuned. 

5. What's NEXT?

1. Finalize the game instuctions of HODL or SELL

2. BUIDL a new Homepage with some WEB3 components.

3. Prepare the start of HODL or SELL

4. Prepare some Tanglers to life and protect the Tangle :) 


Stay tuned and safe #IOTA community 



The slogan of the IOTA Trading Card Game is "Veni Vidi Vici". Nothing fits better in my mind. This slogan fits perfect for both IOTA and a card game.

IOTA is coming to stay and will change the whole world and many processes how we know them today. With Coordicide it will start the real start for the digital timeline and the whole IoT/IIOT and the IoE. With its DLT technology it will be secure, Scalable, decentraliced and fee less on top. So "Veni Vidi Vici" fits perfect. 

In a card game every player would like to be the winner, get the best cards to defeat his competition. So the best player will be the last man standing on the table. Yes...

I came... I saw... I conquered!

-Veni Vidi Vici-




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From the community... With the community... For the community... #IOTAstrong 

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